Mass Tort Case FUnding

Refinance your existing law firm loans

Commercial Case Litigation Funding

Contract and patent disputes

Personal Injury Case Funding

What is Litigation Finance?

Litigation finance or litigation funding has two main categories: personal injury advances and commercial litigation funding.  For each of these groups, litigation finance is available for plaintiffs and for law firms.

Law Firm Financing

Litigation funding provides law firms a way to access the capital they need without conventional loans.  Law firm financing involves leveraging your case portfolio and receiving an advance on a single case or basket of cases or your entire portfolio.  The advance is paid off as your cases settle.  The repayment is called a waterfall and can range from 30-50% of your attorney fee.  The benefits are obvious: no monthly fees, no prepayment fees.  

We have built relationships with law firms across the United States and helped them grow their businesses as well as provide a funding backstop when they encounter the common problem of firm liquidity.

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